Watch Netflix with your loved ones remotely.

  • Fill the gap in your long-distance relationship by sharing loving moments. ❤️
  • Don't wait to see your buddies to continue your favorite series together! 🍿
  • Spend Netflix nights with your family as if you were at home... 🏠
  • Don't waste houuurs on the phone with your friends trying to keep up with the movie at the same time. ⏱ ✅

Only Google Chrome browser and a Netflix account (even shared) required.️

Only available on Desktop (for now).️

23 seconds only to install.️

How To Use WeFlix?

  1. 1.Download the WeFlix Chrome extension.
  2. 2.Go on with Google Chrome browser and click on the WeFlix button in the top right Netflix menu to create a room.
  3. 3.Invite your friends by sharing them the link of the room.


Everything is designed so your experience is unique.


Sync a movie or series with your friends remotely. WeFlix will take care of coordination of your screens.

Video chat!

You can see and chat with your friends while watching the movie/series you share. Experience amazing scenes of joy and emotion as if you were together.


Comment on the scene of what you are watching with the instant chat.

Easy to use

WeFlix is amazingly easy to use. You just invite your friends and you are ready to go to synchronize any movie or series!

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